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Yay! You join me on my little oily page and I'm so excited you're here!! Since you hopped over to this page I bet it likely means you're thinking about or want to take a leap on this essential oil train! And let me tell you, I AM SO EXCITED for you!! In my opinion, you will not regret it!

You know I joined Young Living for the cleaning / personal products and thought it would be fun to diffuse oils here and there but we (as a family) have been amazed by how much we depend and are obsessed with them!!! Between emotional / mood support and all the fun DIY skincare, rollers and blends we do everyday...I can easily say these oils have been a game changer in our household. We have a peace of mind knowing that all the products we are using in our house are chemical free and safe for our family.

Premium Starter Kit Details

There are many ways for you to sign up but the best way and the most cost effective way is to get a starter kit!! You will get 12 oils along with product samples of the thieves household cleaner (the main reason why I joined YL!), thieves hand sanitizer, Ningxia Red a wolf berry drink that is packed full of anti-oxidants and a diffuser of your choice! It's the best way to get started and dip your toes in the essential oils / non-toxic world! The PSK is over a $400 value that you will get for $165!

What does being a member mean / what are the benefits? 

When you join as a member you get to do as much (or as little) as you want - no strings attached! As a member you will receive 24% off all your products and you can order whenever you want. There are NO monthly fees or minimums to order.

What do I do once I sign up as a member?

Once you become a member (which is so exciting), you will wait until your little bottles of plant magic arrive but you will also get an email from me! I will send you some information to get you started on your oily journey such as roller recipes, my fave blends and you will be invited to our oily community on Facebook!

I'm obsessed and want to order more, how do I do that? 

Two words: Essential Rewards! This is basically your monthly wellness box that you get to customize every month to order whatever you want! Here are the perks of signing up for ER and why I signed up when I bought my kit:

  • Each order you will receive points which you can save to earn enough towards products!

  • Each month there are free monthly promos to help you restock your faves or give you the ability to try new products.

  • You get loyalty gifts when you order consistently at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

  • Plus you get to shop for almost all your household products and personal products in one spot that ships to your house! Easy!

In order to keep your monthly wellness box (ER) coming every month, you have to place a 50PV (purchase order) which is usually equal to about $50 (1PV = $1 for most items) each month. Items you can order: oils, thieves line of household products, vitamins, makeup, diffusers, etc! This is a great way to gradually ditch and switch all of your items slowly!

I want to sell oils too, how can I do that?

Amazing!! You won't regret it. As a member you are not required to sell but if you want too I would be honored to have you on my team! You will basically get me as a best friend and be invited to our oily biz page on Facebook where you can get all the information to help you be successful plus you will be apart of a larger team of motivated, inspiring badass oilers all passionate about YL too! For each kit you sell to your friends / family you will receive a $50 thank you from YL on top of the compensation plan!

I don't think I want to sell right now, is that OK?

Absolutely. A majority of YL members do not actually sell, they just purchase their products at a discounted price and that's OK too!! There is no obligation to sell but if you decide you want to later down the road, I will be here to help you set that up!

OK, I know thats a TON of information but if you have any questions, feel free to email me at Ask me all the questions!!

You can also check out all my fave oily products at my Amazon shop