why i'm on youtube and who inspired me

Well this has been a long time coming. For those of you who know me personally, you know I've been wanting to start a YouTube channel for y-e-a-r-s...like 10 years and I've always been to scared to do it. 

A few years ago I met this recent college grad at a creative meet-up and we bonded over .... wait for it ... BIG BROTHER! lol. We both did our "Hi Julie" impressions and our personalities just clicked. She had a YouTube channel and I was so impressed with her go-getter personality and so jealous that she had a channel and was going for it and didn't care what people thought! At that time I was in my groove of wedding planning and was really checking off so many big goals I had at that time and I was nervous to put myself out there in a different way. I felt like everyone would be like WTH is she doing? Isn't she a wedding planner? Or people from high school would judge me. So over the years Madison and I kept in touch even when she moved to Australia and her videos kept getting better and better. I was so excited and happy for her and living through her videos, you guys have to check them out! She would always encourage me to start my channel so when I finally did, I immediately texted her to let her know and ask her some technical advice - of course! To be able to text someone who knew for the last 4 years I've wanted to start a channel and someone I looked up too in the YouTube community that I finally did it, I couldn't wait to share with her!

The reason why I am telling you this is sometimes people look up to celebs or influencers and want something that may or may not be achievable in the moment and I was looking up to this 23 yo girl who was literally living her dreams and I was incredibly inspired. Even to this day, people ask me if it was scary to leave my job, if it was terrifying to leave an industry I worked so hard to be in to venture into the unknown and while yes, it was both scary and terrifying what is more terrifying is not living life out of fear. Not doing what you want to do because you're scared to be judged. I am so grateful for the support and encouragement from so many to have helped me check off a HUGE goal of mine and excited to see where it takes me!