update on the most freeing year yet


In the beginning of 2019, I dubbed this to be my most freeing year ever. Pretty bold statement if you ask me. I've said this before but I'm a pretty daring person in my personal life. I basically life by the saying "rule breaker, risk taker, dream chaser," however that was not true for my "brand" or my "biz persona." Why? I'm not really sure. Nervous about what people might think / say? Probably. Which drives me insane because thats just not the person I am. But that changed this year....or did it?? 

This year I decided to step out of my comfort zone for the LWB brand. I wanted to try new things and take big risks and so far...I'm doing OK. Life with a baby is obvi more challenging to get dedicated time to focus, plan and brainstorm all the things when it comes to my brand / biz. So I have definitely had to get creative with pockets of time to work on projects and to be honest, it hasn't been easy. I didn't expect it to be either and there's def been some weeks I think, "well what did I even do to better myself / my biz"? That takes a toll on you as well...which is when the endless Instagram scrolling and comparison starts to creep in. However overall, I'm pretty proud of myself. I've let go (not totally) of a lot of my perfectionism and started embracing the messy and the not picture perfect journey I'm on. 

Speaking of, I was just chatting with a good friend about how we never want to show the messy parts of our lives online. We always want to show the final product, ya know, at the end where it looks amazing and impressive. It terrifies me to show the parts in between, the blood, sweat and tears (and yes, there's tears sometimes) that it took to get to the end goal. But the messy, unapologetic parts where you're sometimes not sure what you're doing or if its even going to work out at the end is the good stuff. That's the parts people want to see. That's the relatable parts of your life that takes a lot of courage to let people in but once you do, that's how you form friendships and community. 

So I will try to let you into those parts of my life and we can walk through this journey together! I'll be sure to pop back in and do some updates along the way too but as always make sure to follow my insta and I always appreciate your support when you comment and like my photos! It helps me know what you want to see more of!

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Until the next time…


Brittany Collier