how my perfectionism has held me back

Raise your hand if you have perfectionism problems?! I assume if you're reading this, you might have this annoying little problem like me. To be honest, I'm not even sure when I became a perfectionist. I think (well, I know) I've alway had some OCD / "everything has to be the way I like it" type personality since I was a kid. Which really helped when I started my career in event planning, being a perfectionist is basically the #1 criteria to getting hired. Attention to detail, making sure everything is perfect is 90% of the job so it fit my personality to a T. 

I can easily say that the 6 years I spent at my last 9-5 job was the catalyst for my extreme perfectionism. I had the most amazing boss and learned everything I know about event planning from her so I wanted to give everything I had to make sure I was doing the best job I could which lead me to believe "nothing is ever done, nothing is ever perfect." If you ask me how my house is looking or how my website is or how my business is going, I will always say its a work in progress. Nothing is ever finished; nothing ever feels finished. I constantly think that it can be better, I have a very hard time being content with how things are. It also doesn't help that I like to change things around all the time. I love to innovate everything, my home decor (which drives T crazy), my hair, my blog design...everything! 

With all of that being said, perfectionism isn't fun. It's great as a wedding / event planner but not great in many other aspects of my life. I have wanted to start a YouTube channel F O R  Y E A R S. Literally Y E A R S. But I never had the right camera, I never had the right lighting, I don't have the best clothes, I'm not a professional makeup artist...I could list 100 other reasons why I never started it. This bleeds over to my Instagram, blog, etc. and its really hurt and delayed my career and my business. 

So why can I not get over it?...I ask myself this A L L  T H E  T I M E! I will film vlogs but never post them, I will write countless blog posts and never post because I don't have great / professional photos. I know this sounds completely ridiculous but its something I struggle with all the time. 

Since having Banks I will say that my perfectionism has drastically been better. You really can't stress and perfect everything with a newborn but the struggle is real when it comes to my business. I would love to hear from you if you also struggle with perfectionism and how you deal / how you overcame it.