haircare routine with Formulate + giveaway!


I’ve been trying out some new products the last couple of months, especially more clean and natural products and I am so excited to share what I’ve been using lately! When my hair was long, I really put these products to the test because my hair was super dry and heavy and it wouldn’t hold a curl. But now that it’s short and lightweight and paired with these products my hair has improved so much!! There is definitely a shining star in this product list and its my new Formulate shampoo and conditioner.


I was instantly attracted to Formulate because I love the idea of something being customized to my specific hair needs. All you have to do is take a short quiz and the Formulate team will work their magic to customize your very own blend! I dye my hair, it’s heavy and super straight so I struggle to find a good moisturizing products for my hair that doesn’t weigh it down and keeps the blonde looking blonde (very important)!!

As you guys know, I am also super particular about ingredients and I love that this is preservative, sulfate, paraben, dye and cruelty free! Those are all big factors in my book, plus I love their vibe. Go check out their website + app and you will totally understand what I’m saying…branding is everything and theirs is on point in my opinion!


Here’s the deal, I am just not someone who washes their hair everyday…even the thought of doing it seems overwhelming because it is SO time consuming. So I’m always looking for haircare that doesn’t build up in my hair, making it look greasy. That being said, I must say my personalized shampoo and conditioner worked amazingly and smelled exactly how I requested..citrus goodness plus they left my hair feeling shiny and clean! It didn’t make my hair greasy in between washes although I do still use dry shampoo. I wasn’t really sure what to expect after taking my quiz but I’ve been really, really impressed with the quality! I recently had my hair highlighted and it didn’t strip the color or make it brassy! The important thing about taking the quiz is answering the questions based on your natural hair and the quality. They will ask what your hair will need to be at its best and thats whats important!


the routine

I actually shampoo my hair twice because I don’t wash it as frequently so it needs an extra clean! After I shampoo twice and then put the conditioner in and leave it in for 10 mins as I shave, wash my bod, you know the drill. After I get out, I will put an oil in my hair such as argan oil and then let it air dry. I honestly have zero patients to blow dry my hair esp when it was long! Some days I will pop a few curls in it with my wand or curling iron and use some texturizing or sea salt spray (p.s. I am totally going to attempt to DIY a salt spray so stay tuned)! I can usually go 7-8 days without washing it again and thats mainly because I limit the products that I use and shampooing my hair 2x really gets all the build up and grease out of my hair so its super clean and ready for the week!

On to the exciting part…

As a Formulate partner, I am so excited that they offered to do a giveaway for ya’ll to try these products!! It is so fun and you will love your new haircare because you will have better hair days for sure!!

One winner will receive their own customized haircare line and everyone who enters will receive a $5 off coupon - wahoo!! This giveaway ends August 8 so enter today!!!

I am so excited to share these products with you and have the ability to giveaway one for a lucky gal to try! I hope you guys enjoyed this collab and let me know in the comments how often you wash your hair…I’m intrigued! :)

until the next time…