super easy taco bowls

easy taco bowls | life with brittany

It just doesn’t get easier or more delish than this! Sometimes I’m not in the mood for a traditional taco but I’m always in the mood for mexi so this little bowl does the trick! This is a super easy dinner and you can make extra for lunch too!


+ ground beef / chicken / turkey or black beans

+1 can of black beans

+taco seasoning

+rice (we like to add rice or use more lettuce for a taco salad)

+fresh tomatoes

+diced onion

+diced cilantro

+lemon arugula (you’ve been seeing this in a lot of our meals lately because its my new jam from Wegmans)

+sliced avocado or guac

+hot sauce (I’ve been addicted to Tabasco lately)

until the next time…