3 fave summer rollers


When you get your starter kit and begin to use your oils, you will want to explore other ways to use them and rollers are one of my fave ways to incorporate oils in your daily routine.

I went on Amazon (PS I have an Amazon shop you can get all your oily goodies at) and purchase some rollers and a label maker and got my roll on! You can find all my fave oily essentials here. There is no right way to mix oils, you can just combine the ones you love and experiment! So here are my fave 3 rollers for the summer.




My allergies have been awful this year. I never really had awful allergies but lately whoa, it's hit me hard. Between going outside and walking the pups to trying to get B out of the house as much as possible, my nose is so stuffy and my throat is really scratchy.

+10 ml roller bottle

+15 drops lemon

+15 drops lavender

+15 drops peppermint

+fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil


This is my fave roller for everyday to feel good and have some energy!

+10 ml roller bottle

+10-15 drops citrus fresh

+10-15 drops stress away

+fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil


With it being light so much longer during the summer (which is obvi the best thing ever!), I like to have a little evening relaxation roller as I wind down for bedtime. I will also diffuse this combo at night for all the sleepy time vibes!!

+10 ml roller bottle

+10-15 lavender

+10-15 cedar wood (this doesn't come in the starter kit)

+fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil

Hope you try these and enjoy! Leave a comment with your fave rollers recipes

Until the next time…


Brittany Collier