10 minute clean up method


When I was growing up, my mom basically had the house cleaned before we went to sleep. The dishes were clean and put away, everything was picked up off the floor, etc. Well let’s just say, that’s not exactly how I am! I mean, damn, by the end of the night I’m exhausted right?!

This is what led me to the 10 min clean up every morning. I am not someone who will spend all day Sunday and clean the house…that actually gives me anxiety to even think about! I like to do small things everyday to keep our house clean and to be honest, it’s not the perfect method but it’s what works for us!

Usually at night I will load the dishwasher and turn it on while we watch tv before bed, so in the morning everything is ready for me. Since we are typically on the main level most of the day, that’s the place I tackle everyday no matter what to make sure it stays clean! I don’t do the same thing everyday, I switch things up based on whatever needs to be cleaned so by the end of the week most of the rooms are completely clean.

Here are some examples of my 10 min clean up in our main level:

  • vacuum / mop the floors

  • unload the dishwasher (this is so much harder now that B is all over the place because he is always taking spoons out)

  • dust the blinds & anything else that needs it (my least fave chore ever)

  • clean the counters, microwave, inside of the fridge

  • vacuum the stairs going into the basement

  • clean the bathroom

  • organize the pantry


  • organize laundry / put clothes away

  • vacuum

  • dust (hate this task!!)

  • clean bathrooms

  • clean showers (also another least fave task)

  • go through B’s clothes to ensure we don’t have clothes that are too small for him

  • organize linen / hallway closets

  • make beds / clear nightstands / declutter

Let me know if you try this method and what you think!

until the next time…