New blog look, who dis?

If you have been on this crazy blogging journey with me (since 2013), you've seen a lot of blog designs, colors, names, etc. For the last two years my blog has been hosted on ShowIt which I LOVE! It is by far my favorite platform as it is so easy to use and design (or in my case re-design 100x).

I went through a lull in blogging and honestly I had some serious lack of motivation. So I decided to get back to my roots of blogging and why I started this blog to begin with which made me want to revert back to the beginning of using Blogger. It's simple, easy to design and the best part its FREE! I'm sure down the road I will go back to ShowIt and have the design everything I would ever want,  but for now, I am feeling really good about this decision! I'm ready to get back to the basics of why I wanted to start a blog / YouTube channel all those years ago!

What will you see on the blog moving forward?
You will still hear about my random thoughts and about our lives (and obvi Poppy and Lolly and our new baby adventures) but also you will see some new content not just blogging. You know I have an on and off YouTube channel and dabbled in podcasting so we will just see what happens and go with the flow!

I will try to stick to a schedule when I post because I know I wait for my fave bloggers to post on their scheduled days - but it might take me a while to get a schedule I can work with while living life!

As always, make sure to follow me on Instagram to see what we are up too daily because we have LOTS of exciting things coming up!

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