Hey y'all! It's currently 9:30 pm on Saturday night (I will probably post this later) and I was feeling inspired to have a real conversation with you. I am watching "Adnan Syed - Innocent or Guilty" on Investigation Discovery - wild Saturday night, right?! If you are like the thousands (maybe millions?) of people who listened to season 1 of Serial, you know how addicting this case is...but that is not what I wanted to discuss. 

If you've been following my blog for a while, you have likely seen a lot of wedding, fashion, beauty and Poppy posts and not a lot of "personal" posts. I've been consumed lately with social media; well let's be serious, it's not just lately, it's all the time! I've been working towards transforming my Instagram feed (which is a never ending struggle) into an avenue to attract my ideal client. In an effort to make a visually cohesive/appealing feed and encompass all of my endeavors, I've had a difficult time trying to convey this in tiny little square pictures.

Throughout this process, I have been identifying other Instagram accounts (wedding planners, creatives, bloggers, business owners) that I like so I can use it as inspiration for my own account. Unfortunately this has led to a lot of self doubt, insecurity and envy. I was comparing myself to other Instagram accounts; I didn't have a professional photographer take all my pictures, I don't have enough followers, I didn't have a cohesive theme...the list goes on. 

I spent a few days looking at other accounts to see why I liked them; what made me continue to follow and like their pictures. I realized that I like them all because there was a theme, primarily a light and airy theme (a primarily white theme). So I knew this was something I wanted to do and I quickly implemented it without thinking (beginning of June).  I started to realize how hard it is to have a white theme; the lighting, the limited locations, etc, is restricting however I welcomed the challenge. But the real challenge is how to show all of my different ventures (wedding planning, blogging, my life, my passions, etc).

After a few weeks of creating a social media schedule and working on my theme, I was still not satisfied with my progress. My followers were increasing, I was receiving compliments on my new feed but it wasn't enough. I wasn't where all these other people were; I wasn't where I thought I should be. I finally realized that I am not "XYZ" person, my brand is completely different and I should not be comparing myself to anyone. I need to continue to focus on the positive and providing good content and quality pictures. 

It's so easy to get wrapped up in social media and fixated on pretty pictures and what other people are doing however that is not reality...at least that is not mine reality. While I still want to treat Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat as another arm of my business...I am working to identify a clear direction for my personal brand and move forward as myself and not someone else.

I would love to hear from you if you've struggled with the same Insta-envy and how you were able to overcome it and brand yourself! 

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  1. Great post! I used to feel the same way until I realized I can appreciate another person and another's talent/brand and appreciation can stop there--it doesn't have to include imitation. We all bring our own unique gifts to the table and it's more fun to have diversity than read or look at the same thing across the board. P.S. I love your Instagram!