I don't spend a lot of time during the day watching TV but I always find myself binge watching shows from 10:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. during the week (I have problems falling asleep). Our DVR is filled with random shows; a mix of Todd's shows and my nonsense shows. So here's a list of my guilty pleasure shows that are currently on the air. 

Total Divas
What can I say, I love the Bella Twins! Who else is excited for Total Bella's?!? YES! YES! YES!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills 
Roll your eyes...I know, I know...what am I thinking. For some reason I oddly love Morgan. 

The Challenge 
Yes, I am referring to the old school Real World/Road Rules challenges. They are still on TV and I'm still obsessed with them (and CT)! Not to mention I also still watch the Real World...judge me, I don't mind!

Southern Charm
There is no real substance to the show but I love Charleston, love Cameran (from my Real World obsession) and just love the south!

Wicked Tuna
My parents actually introduced us to this show and we love it. I'm determined to meet one of the captains in OBX one day. 

WAGS/The Kardashians
I won't watch every episode of these shows but I like to catch them when I see it on.

Pretty Little Liars
The acting isn't great, there has been way to many "A's" but I still watch the show! I usually wait until my DVR has 3-4 recorded so I can have a binge sesh. 

What is your guilty pleasure show?

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