We all know I am behind the times when it comes to TV shows; I typically watch shows on Netflix long after they have aired. My friends have been telling me for a while to watch The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and I'm just not into "super natural" shows. I never saw the Twilight movies or read the books, so when I ended up in a #showhole, I decided to give TVD a try. 

I watched the first episode a few times over the span of 3 days as I realized I actually needed to pay attention to have an idea of who was a vampire and who was human - go figure. Then somehow I ended up in a full fan girl moment with the series. So I thought it would be fun to share what I think about the show and if you don't watch this, feel free to scroll by this and read something else, I won't be offended!

So here goes the random brain dump of thoughts from what I've watched thus far (I'm watching season 6 now). 

1. I like Stefan and Elena together better than Damon and Elena. 
2. I didn't like Caroline in the beginning but now I love her. 
3. Rebekah and Klaus might be my favorite characters. 
4. I'm torn from wanting Caroline with Stefan and Klaus. 
5. Bonnie actually gets on my nerves. 
6. Seasons 1-3 are my favorite. 
7. I didn't like the traveler/Silas story lines. 
8. I like Matt and Rebekah together. 
9. I love Alaric. 
10. Season 2/early season 3 I wondered when Jeremy became so cute!
11. There is way too much murder and blood. 
12. Kai the serial killer in season 6 seems really unnecessary and super creepy. Why do they have a character who would kill his family and siblings...s-c-a-r-y!
13. I hate that crazy Nanny Carrie (from One Tree Hill) was in the show until I found out she was married to Stefan but she still scares me!
14. The thought actually crossed my mind wondering why Elena would want to be a human after becoming a vampire. 
15. I can totally see Damon and Elena falling in love in real life.
16. I love that Mystic Falls is in Virginia...obviously because thats where I live!
17. Elena looks so much better with that subtle ombre hairstyle.
18. Katherine's character was super annoying and I'm happy she's least for now.
19. Wondering if I missed them say if Stefan and Lexie hooked up? They seemed to have a thing but wasn't sure if they were just friends.
20. I feel like there isn't enough Klaus in my life and I think I might need to watch The Originals to get my fix!

Do you watch this show? If so, leave a comment with your thoughts on the series and who your favorite characters are. 

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