My everyday makeup routine has always been pretty simple but now that I work from home full time, its even more minimalistic. Instead of constantly going to Sephora, I am trying to throw out old makeup and use up what I have, so my new everyday makeup consists of a mix of drugstore and "high end" makeup.

Bare Minerals Stroke of Light
If you've been following my blog since the beginning, you know I'm all about Bare Minerals products.  I bought Stroke of Light a while ago and never used it because I didn't think it had enough coverage for my under eyes however now that I use an eye cream, my dark circles are almost diminished. I now love this product; it's super light and gives great light reflecting elements. I also pair this with the next product...

Bare Minerals Well Rested Concealer 
Powder concealer? Yes, it sounds weird but its a miracle product. I have no clue how this doesn't get cakey or settle into fine lines but it just doesn't! I add a very light amount of this on top of the Stroke of Light concealer for some extra glow and light reflection.

Note: I have to warn you, I'm still apart of the few people who like the look of a really light under eye (which isn't "popular" anymore), so if you don't like that look, you could likely do without this product.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
What can I say about this? I think anyone who loves makeup has tried this bronzer. It is a great product to contour with as it is a light matte bronzer. I don't contour everyday however I like to add this into the hallows of my cheeks for some added definition.

Milani Baked Glow Bronzer
Can you tell I love bronzer?? One is just not enough! I have yellow undertones in my skin so I like using products with gold tones. This bronzer is so gorgeous in person and has the perfect amount of gold to give me a great sheen and healthy glow without looking shiny.

Elf Candid Coral Blush
Yes, this blush was $3 at Target and it doesn't get much better than that! It has been labeled as a dupe for a NARS blush. I love this blush because it has more gold tones...see a trend?! It goes with any eye look which makes it the perfect everyday blush.

Benefit Gimme Brow/Loreal Brow Stylist 
I use these products interchangeably however I do prefer the Benefit one. I used to fill in my brows everyday with a pencil or gel product and while I think brow definition is incredibly important, I need something a little less high maintenance for everyday. These brow tints are perfect!

Covergirl "The Super Sizer" Mascara
I heard every makeup YouTuber talk about this mascara so obviously I had to check it out since I have vowed to only buy drugstore mascaras from now on and I will admit I really like this one! I usually have to buy waterproof as most mascaras run and smear half way through the day but I decided to not buy waterproof with this mascara and doesn't run! Amazing in my book!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and which one is apart of your everyday makeup routine.

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