I've been waiting for what seems like years to be able to write this (deep breath); a day that I have been dreaming about forever. I have officially resigned from my "9-5" salary job to dive into entrepreneurship! What does that mean? I have taken the leap to pursue wedding planning!!

I have been working towards this day for a while and let me say all of the anxiousness, worrying, exciting, happy, terrifying moments have been worth it. Many of you know, I have worked in the association world as a Meeting/Event Planner for the past 8 years. I have been with my current company for 6 years so it goes without saying, making the decision to leave was not an easy one. For about 3 solid years in addition to working full time, I was wedding/event planning on the side, blogging, co-owning a wedding gift company and trying to maintain a work + life balance/social life. Just typing all of those responsibilities exhausts me however, I am definitely not complaining! I love to be busy and without all of those avenues, I would not have been able to jump into entrepreneurship.

I am a creature of habit; I like routines, checklists, agendas and consistency. My daily schedule would be my full time job from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm then come home to blog and catch up with clients. Being able to take this major leap took time and I truly didn't make it happen over night.

But how did I "make it happen?"
I can tell you that there is no path or formula to follow. The real secret for me was support - plain and simple. I had multiple talks with my husband and family discussing every possible scenario/"what if" and they were 100% behind me. Even though I had their support for some time, there was no line in the sand or clear sign when I should jump. Working towards a big goal like this comes with a lot of doubt, uncertainty and anxious feelings. I debated it back and forth for months and finally just felt like February 2016 was the "best time" if there was going to be one. Feeling confident in my business and income will be something I will continue to question and worry about but I knew it was the best time for me to take this chance.

What am I most excited about?
Despite my fears, I am so excited about every aspect of being my own boss. I love being able to have the time freedom to plan my own schedule that permits me to build my own empire. To have the flexibility to grow my company as big as I want without having to "be in the office" during certain days/times in the week. I am ready to spend more quality time with my family instead of having to feel like I need to work around the clock to finish projects and actually spend my evenings with friends or attending networking events.

Mainly I am so excited to build something of my own and looking forward to the future professional and personally.

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