(Disclaimer: I am a Rodan + Fields consultant however these are all my own opinions)

I have delayed posting this so many times because posting pictures of your breakouts on the Internet is very scary but here it goes! I wouldn't go as far as to say I had consistent "acne" but my face always broke out during "that time of the month". Since high school...maybe even middle school my face had its ups and downs with breakouts. I've used everything from Proactiv Plus, all natural products (oil cleansing) and an array of popular high-end products such as Michael Todd. All of these products worked for a little while but every month, my face would still break out.

Around the time of my wedding, I was using jojoba oil as a face wash and moisturizer and my face was loving it. I have shiny/oily skin and my face was less oily with this new routine - I loved it! Well shortly after my wedding my face purged and completely broke out for about a month. If you listened to my first month with Rodan + Fields podcast, you know I reached out to my friend to try Unblemish. Since Proactiv didn't consistently work for me, I was a little skeptical but willing to try anything to finally get my breakouts under control. 

Unblemish is sulfur based and formulated to help adult acne. It took my skin a week or so to adjust to the new products and another week to start noticing results. About a month later, my skin was CLEAR. Then I waited to see how long it will last...I was convinced eventually my face would break out again. Over the next month, a had few minor breakouts that only lasted 1-2 days and by the time August rolled around my face wasn't breaking out anymore (insert cheering and clapping emojis here)

The best thing about Rodan + Fields is it has a 60 day money back guarantee so you can try these products risk free which I love! My face is still clear and ow I am working on treating old marks from former breakouts. The best part is I never wear foundation anymore! My makeup routine in the morning is about 3 minutes and consists of bronzer (obviously), mascara and under eye concealer. 

As much as I LOVE makeup...I have drawers and drawers to prove it, I love being able to wear it for fun NOT to cover and hide my skin! Let me know if you have tried Rodan + Fields and if it worked for you!

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