Talbots Accessories

When I think of Talbots, I think old teachers, country club mid 50 women and mature preppy ladies.

And while I still think that, as I have grown up in the professional office environment, my style has changed a bit. My first few years of working, my closet was filled with lots of Forever 21 black tube tops, tank tops and dresses. I had very little "work clothes" because I didn't think I should spend the money on dress pants and tailored shirts. As I have grown up, my wardrobe consists of almost NO Forever 21 clothing and lots of The Limited, Ann Taylor and J. Crew inspired outfits. However in the past year, I have recently fallen in love with Talbots. Yes, I know, I am officially a boring adult now but I'm telling you, for you preppy inspired, classic/traditional girls, this is a great place to shop! I have put together some of my favorite accessories I've found at Talbots. Let me know what you think!

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