The quote, "I can't say I DO without you" rings so true to me. Each one of these girls has been by my side for years. We have been through ups and downs but have always and will always remain best friends. Take a walk down memory lane as I tell you how I know each of these amazing girls.


I'll never forget the first day I met Jenn. She was new to our middle school which was an extremely large school where everyone already had a "click". After a day of chatting and a few classes together, we automatically became best friends. I've never met someone who instantly "got me" and knew exactly what I was thinking. We are those best friends who can read each other minds, finish each others sentences and who always have each others backs. After high school graduation, we went to separate colleges which means there was months that went by when we didn't talk but that did not affect our probably make it stronger. Jenn knows all my deepest, darkest secrets, mainly because she was there when it happened and she has never judged me. I can tell her anything, ask her to go on the wildest of adventures with me, call her crying or call her just to chat for hours. Jenn has also known Todd as long as I have and both Todd and I couldn't have been more blessed to have her standing by my side at our wedding.


I've actually known Anna Kate longer than I've known Todd I think. She was friends with Jenn's little brother so over the years I got to know her pretty well. Anna Kate is 4 years younger than Todd and I but I remember coaching her in cheerleading and having her dig Jenn's car out of the snow during snow storms! When Todd and I started dating, I was so excited to see Anna Kate and catch up with her since it had been years since we last saw each other. Instead of being "Todd's little sister," she is my friend and felt like my sister long before Todd and I got married. I love that I have someone I can always rely on, have someone to hang out with at family gatherings and someone to always have fun with! I couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law! 


Sarah and I are actually cousins which is confusing for a lot of people because I call her my best friend and not always "my cousin." We spent a lot of time growing up together at her shore house in MD and playing dress up at our Grandmother's house. Our Grandmother always told us to always wear blush and if we ran out, use lipstick...true story! We have a crazy (and big) family which is complicated, fun, dramatic and loving as most families are. For a few years, Sarah lived in VA (where I live) and we were inseparable. But even though she no longer lives right down the street, it is rare that a day goes by and we don't talk. We have been through so many hilarious, fun, scary, sad and exciting times together and I couldn't have survived them without her. I love that I have a lifetime best friend who understands me in a way only family could!


Ashley and I met our first year of college, both crying on street while our parents left us in West Virginia and we became instant friends. Now 12 years later, that friendship has grown to her being one of my best friends. Surviving some pretty crazy times together in college to navigating post-college life...we have been through it all together. I was thrilled to stand by her side at her 2012 wedding so naturally I couldn't wait to ask her to be my bridesmaid! We have been through major breakups, work drama, too much partying, lots of sporting events and we made it through together. I'm so excited to start the next chapter of our lives together (turning 30 years old, having babies and just generally growing up!)


One of my college roommates introduced me to Katie when we had a party at our house. She was bubbly, charismatic and ultimately became my saving grace throughout college. In our junior year, Katie and I decided to live together after basically being inseparable the two years prior. We had the same major so we were in basically every class together. Those years in college together, Katie was not just my roommate, she was my family. We relied on each other for everything - navigating relationships and school, always having a friend to go out with, someone to cry with, someone who wouldn't judge you when you binge watch TV and everything in between. Our senior year of college I became really homesick and couldn't wait to graduate. I took a lot for granted that year...not realizing it all goes away in a heartbeat and you can never get it back but I could have never survived that year without Katie. She is always someone I know I can call and will always cheers me up! 

Words cannot describe how much I love these girls and how grateful I am for each of them. To Jenn, Anna Kate, Sarah, Ashley and Katie, if you're reading this...I LOVE YOU GIRL!! :) 

Stay tuned for more bridesmaid pictures!!!


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