I have a special post today to prep everyone for the work week ahead!! Today's post is by the famous Daily Dayne! I am so excited to have him on my blog and hope you all enjoy!!

The saying goes, “Don’t dress for the job you have. Dress for the job you want!” Though cliché, much truth lies within that statement. On Sunday evening, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’re going to dress to impress for the approaching work week. But when the alarm sounds off Monday morning and the mental review of your upcoming meetings, deadlines, and general stress inducers begins to flood the mind, those black work pants (you know the ones I’m talking about), sensible flats, and a wet pony tail look awfully appealing….emphasis on awful. But try to always remember this: the effort placed in your appearance will affect how people perceive the effort you place in your work. To make it easy for you, I’ve compiled a list of simple tips to combat lazy-work-attire syndrome so you can begin to look and feel great at work. 

As I mentioned before, a very popular (but unfortunate) trend that is occurring in workplaces across America is the wet pony. I could go on for hours about the atrocity that is the wet pony, but I will keep my emotions under control. Yes, I understand it can be a pain to fully dry and style your hair every day, but there are many cute hairstyles that you can experiment with in the morning that are very simple and quick. If you have long hair, try out a tuck and cover, a chignon, or a 2-strand waterfall braid. If you have short hair, pull a quick twist, a deep side part, or a side twist. All of these options are quick and easy and will add a unique and professional touch to your appearance. 

Next up is makeup! Now, I am a supporter of the natural makeup-free look. As Mrs. Collier would say, “the no-makeup makeup.” But if you aren’t getting serious with your makeup because you’re rushing and on the go, then let’s change that! Here are the must have essentials that will make a night and day difference for your appearance…. You ready? ……Mascara! That’s it. Something about your facial features needs to stand out, and since the eyes are filled with natural color and beauty already, just enhance them with mascara and you will be good to go! 

My next and last section may be a little touchy for some readers…….but I’m an equal opportunity offender, so here we go. Apparel. There is an infinite amount of ways you can style your outfits, but I’m going to focus on just a couple of things: 

1. Remember those black work pants? Here’s the easiest tip I will give you on how to wear them: DON’T! Throw them away immediately. Anyone who has lazy-work-attire syndrome has a pair of these. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. You are not alone. But let’s put those particular slacks to rest. If you want to retire the frumpy-stressed look, don your favorite pencil skirt or ankle length editor pant. 

2. Continuing on the pant theme: a pant is only as strong as its accompanied shoe. And by accompanied shoe, I always mean a pump or a sophisticated heel. When you burn your black work pants, throw your flats in with them. This black work pant/flats combo is an epidemic that is affecting offices all across America. Someone call the CDC! Now then…..a good pump exudes professionalism and confidence. And if you’re looking to wear a cute boot cut or flare leg dress pant, nothing goes better than a pump! Same goes for the ankle length editor pant and pencil skirt. 

3. Nothing says professional and stylish more than a cardigan with a long sleeved shirt. They match with almost any bottom, whether a skirt or a pant, and they’re easy, simple, and always cute. 

In conclusion, the idea of getting up in the morning and putting effort in your appearance for work can seem exhausting, but it’s not! It can be easy and fun. And after a long workday, you will feel accomplished and confident. 

Til next time… 

FINAL TIP: Instead of waiting until the morning when you’re tired and feeling like a zombie, make it a habit in your nightly routine to lay out your clothes for the next day. It will save you time when you wake up and you will feel much less stressed!


  1. Awesome guest post! I'm putting on mascara right now....

  2. Hahahah love it!!!!
    It's so true.
    Eeeeek the wet pony!

    This was so fun and full of great tips.
    Luckily I wear a uniform to work so that takes out a lot of the guess work but otherwise I would be Sooo guilty of these hehehe

    Oh uniforms are a blessing and a curse also because I'd love to have some fun with my wardrobe!

  3. This post makes me MISS working. I miss getting all dressed up in my sexy black & white co. apparel. Now my attire is strictly mom efficient. BLAH.

  4. Haha I definitely try to plan my outfits the night before or else I'm scrambling in the morning! These are great tips!

  5. I love this post! And Awesome guest! I have to agree the bare minimum you should do is mascara. Even at home I try to wear at least that.

  6. Laying out your clothes the night before is a game changer! Thanks for this post!

  7. Ahh the wet pony! haha I have laid out my clothes the night before since I was a teenager. It saves to much time in the morning!

  8. Great post! Very helpful for someone who has trouble getting started in the mornings!

  9. These are really great ideas. Time to upgrade my lazy days!

  10. I am not a heel person, flats all day, all the time. Although my day job is writing on my lap top and chasing my little kids around. I do agree with a lot of these, I just did not get the walking in heels instructions to being a woman. Can't do it!

  11. I always forget about laying my clothes out the night before and I have no idea why. I need to start doing this! Faster morning routine, cuter outfit.

  12. Great post! I agree just doing a few little things can make you look and FEEL put together!

  13. oh.oh - I may be guilty of all those....

    thanks for the tips :)

  14. Awesome Guest post and great ideas! :)