I am officially getting married in 4 months. Oh my god. Honestly, where did the time go? We got engaged in July 2014 and it feels like it was just yesterday. In my last 12-9 month update, I mentioned that 99% of my wedding is planned and that is still true. What isn't planned is all the day of decor (picture frames, signage, candles, etc). If you have any ideas or suggestions for cute decor items for an all white wedding, please send them my way! Now let's get started on the update...

8-6 Months

✓ Buy your Dress
I actually waited a long time to buy my dress. I was way more concerned about the details of the wedding than what I would be wearing. To some of you, that will sound so weird since trying on dresses is usually a Bride's favorite and first thing they do. In my mind I'm thinking, what will guests remember the most? They will remember the food (if it was good or bad), the atmosphere (was the wedding pretty or ugly) and did they have fun. Those are the most important things to me. I want the food to be amazing, an all white romantic setting and everyone to have the best time of their lives!!! Ok, "of their lives" is a bit extreme but I want people to walk away saying "wow that was a fun wedding."
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{Note: This is not my wedding dress}

✓ Book the Band or DJ
I booked my DJ based off the recommendation of my day of coordinator. He had good reviews online and was very responsive via email/phone calls. I haven't spent that much time working on any music suggestions for the wedding. We started our list of songs we definitely want played at the wedding and we have picked out our wedding song. Thats about it!

✓ Book the Photographer & Videographer
Out of all of our vendor's I did the most research on the photographer. It is literally the most important part of your wedding as photos are the only items you will have forever. I was thrilled to find out that our photographer was able to bring extra assistants to video our wedding - two services in one vendor, can't beat that!

✓ Meet with Caterers
I love my catering manager. She is amazing. Customer service and personal skills are something I look for in wedding vendors. I want someone to understand what I'm saying and just "get me" and my caterer totally does that! We are scheduling a tasting in late-Feburary so more to come!

✓ Decide on a Hairstyle
I booked my hair and makeup girls and I am going to OBX this weekend for the bridal show and my hair/makeup trial. I am definitely going to do my hair half up, half down because I look awful in up do's! Check out my Pinterest page for some looks I'm thinking about.

Love Emily's look on Style Me Pretty!

✓ Register
We are registering for the HoneyFund and Pottery Barn or Bed Bath and Beyond. The HoneyFund is the most brilliant idea anyone in the wedding industry has thought of. It's a way for people to not feel weird about giving you cash but still a way to donate to your honeymoon and let's face it, after shelling out all that money for your wedding, you need money for your honeymoon!

✓ Send Save the Dates
After I looked all over Etsy and all the well-known wedding invitation websites, I just didn't want to spend $500+ on save the dates. A piece of paper or in my case a magnet that people would just throw away eventually. So I decided to do them myself...with some help of course! My graphic designer at my company was so gracious to help me design them in and I printed them on VistaPrint for around $60 for 100 magnets! You just can't beat that! I'll share more pictures and details of my save the dates and invitations at a later date.

✓ Book Hotel Rooms
We booked a block of rooms at the nearest hotel to our venue. Word of advice, always ask the hotel if you are responsible for paying for any unused rooms. The last thing you need is to pay the hotel for empty rooms! Always, always, always, read every contract. If you are unfamiliar with contract language, ask someone.

✓ Book Florist
Since I am doing an all white wedding, my floral will follow the same suit. My favorite flowers are peonies and ranunculus. My bouquets and centerpieces will be a mix of those flowers along with hints of hydrangea's...all my favorite flowers! Follow me on Pinterest and check out my all white wedding board to see how I'm going to style my wedding.

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  1. An all white wedding sounds SO beautiful!! Sounds like your planning is going well! :)