So sorry this is a day late but here's the deal about day 2, it was hard. I wasn't feeling well all day and had a massive headache literally all day. All I really wanted was a cheeseburger or a slice of pizza. I will be honest, I caved half way through the day, I ate a hard boiled egg. I know thats not a "major" cheat but it's not on the approved foods list. After I ate the egg, I realized that I didn't actually need to eat it but I felt full after which was nice. Now let's get into what I ate!

Warm lemon water, not pictured. 

This will be my go to breakfast all week, mushrooms and carrots. 

I wasn't in the mood for zucchini but I wanted a "pasta" dish, so I decided to spiralize cucumbers with  pasta sauce (less than 3g of sugar - important!) 

Pomegranates, SO GOOD!!

This looks weird but I made salsa and made lettuce wraps. The salsa included cucumber, tomatoes, onion, jalapeƱos and lemon juice. Really good!


Are you thinking about detoxing? Start now and do it with me! Let me know what your eating. 

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