Ok, I have to be honest...I have never completed a 3 day or week long detox. However, after seeing my 2 co-workers complete a week long detox and their amazing results, I knew I had to push myself to try! I thought if I blogged my way through this, I make myself stick to it. So over the next few days I'm going to post exactly what I've been eating for each meal. This specific detox is a fruit and veggie detox. You can eat all the approved vegetables you want and 3 fruits a day.  Hope this inspires someone else to take the plunge!

Like most detoxes, the most important thing to do is drink plenty of water. For this detox you are supposed to drink at least 8oz of warm water with lemon. I love warm lemon water so this was the easiest part! {P.S. If you haven't check out the boutique lately, stop by for lots of new goodies!}

It was a little odd to eat veggies for breakfast but sometimes you have to just suck it up! 

1/2 cup of grapes

I mixed together a small amount of Apple Cider Vinegar and Lemon juice to make a dressing. I mixed mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumbers into the dressing and put them over lettuce, which isn't shown. 

It's pretty cold in VA so I wanted to make something warm to eat and Pho sounded like the perfect meal. I started out with low sodium vegetable stock, yellow onions, green onions, jalapeƱo slices, tablespoon of low sodium soy sauce and zucchini noodles. It was delish!

1/2 cup of honey dew melon which is not shown. 

I survived day 1 and I'm so excited!!! Let's see how tomorrow goes...

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  1. Good luck!! I'm curious to try a detox too! I've been on a strict gluten-free diet for about 2 months and it definitely became easier after a week. How have you handled eating out or events with friends? That's always been my barrier to making certain diet choices.