As I work on Blogember, I realized how long its been since my last weekly catch up. I already posted a little about my trip to San Antonio which was all last week but I thought I would give a little update on all my current TV shows.

1. Scandal
I feel like its a given to start with Scandal however I must admit I have not been thrilled with this season thus far. I know I'm not the only one who is O-V-E-R Olivia and Fitz. I mean, seriously? If I have to listen to one more sexual phone call between those two, I might vomit.

I feel like Pope and Associates isn't as powerful this season. With each one of them doing their own thing, I have to wonder if Harrison was the glue? What do you think?

2. How To Get Away With Murder
Another Shonda TV show and obviously I'm watching it. I wasn't blown away at the first episode but I'm still keeping up with it and excited to see where it goes. I don't think the acting from the students is great but its a decent show.

3. The Voice
AH!! I love Gwen and Pharrel!! I love the dynamics of the judges this year. There are no divas (cough, cough, Christina) and they are all truly genuine. Obviously, what kind of post would it be if I didn't mention TAYLOR SWIFT! Gah! I love her!

4. Revenge
This season has been so much better. I would be really upset if David turns on Emily (Amanda) but I think that is where the storyline will go. I hate Charlotte, I hope she stays off the show for a while. I'm so sick of her druggie, I hate Emily storyline.

5. Chasing Life
Yes, this show already aired but I totally missed the boat on watching it so now I'm catching up On Demand. Why do people love a show with a 20-something girl with cancer but it's so good. First off, you all know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Greek so to see Cappie (Leo) on another show just makes my life.

What shows are you currently loving? 

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