Can Pinterest make or break your wedding?

I am one of the millions of people who actively use Pinterest. I could spend hours on Pinterest, it's so addicting. It is so useful and inspiring for many different aspects of life, particularly your wedding. I've curated numerous boards on different types of weddings, all to help me plan my own. However, I've experienced such a downside of having all those ideas available to millions of people...there's no originality.

I've planned weddings and attended even more so when I got engaged, I knew I wanted a beach, semi-casual wedding. Of course I've been to at least 10 beach weddings in my lifetime all very different but all have the same overall theme - the beach! So how can you be original when so many people have done the same type of wedding before you? Whether I had my wedding at a hotel, resort, event venue, event house, etc, it was going to be somewhat like another friend/family wedding that I have attended. Those types of problems are hard to avoid but the part that Pinterest plays a role in is decor.

I've had so many ideas over the years of what I want my wedding to look like and now I realize how many hundreds of thousands of people have had that same exact wedding via Pinterest. It's so hard not to share details with friends/family about your wedding however when you hear they are doing something similar it is a bit disconcerting. But how can you avoid it when every idea is online.

There will always be someone you know going to the same place for their bachelorette party or have their wedding at a similar venue. I guess that's just how it works out.

With so many great ideas on Pinterest, how can you stay original?

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