Blog of the Week

I was so thrilled when Sarah Loves Makeup decided to collaborate with me to host a summer accessories giveaway. She has a variety of beauty and fashion posts and she always posts regularly which so awesome. She is a regular on Instagram and I love seeing what new products she reviews. If you love learning about new makeup, go check out her site!

Netflix Addict

I've said this 100 times but I am a serious Netflix addict. I could probably cancel my cable and wouldn't miss it. There are a number of shows on TV I'm watching but 90% of the time, I'm watching (or re-watching) something on Netflix. My current show is Brothers and Sisters. I never watched it when it was on TV, I discovered the show a few years ago and now I'm re-watching it. I just love family dynamic shows (Parenthood included!). Also, I just love Rob Lowe!

Going Bare

It's been 90 degrees around VA and my already oily skin is extra gross due to the weather. I've been reaching for my Urban Decay De Slick and Bare Minerals Matte Foundation. It is the perfect combo for my oily skin and keeps my skin matte for a majority of the work day.

Favorite YouTuber

Since I've been engaged, I've watching a lot of bridal videos. I have been loving Alexandra Garza's "Wedding Belles" series. She offers great tips for newly engaged girls. Please send me good beach-y bridal makeup tutorials. I am still looking for that perfect bronzed look for my wedding day!

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