When I was 14 years old is when Nelly was really popular with his Country Grammer CD and let me tell you, that was my jam!! Since then, anytime a Nelly song comes on at the bar, radio, etc, I flip out. I am probably the loudest girl in the bar singing and dancing.

A few weeks ago, my friend who recently moved to Charleston, SC texted me saying she bought tickets to the Florida Georgia Line and NELLY concert. I immediately went to my computer to find out all the details (dates, times, ticket prices), I was furiously trying to figure out how I can get to Charleston for this concert.

Within maybe a day or two, I had plans to go with my friend who also shares the same love for FGL and obsession for Nelly! We have been planning all the sites to see while we are in Charleston and all the best restaurants. This is where I need your help. Let me know what restaurants to go to and things to see. Also, if your going to the concert, let me know! I can't wait for a mini vacation and a weekend away from the DC area.

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