San Francisco
If you have been following my Instagram (go follow me now!!) you know I have been in San Francisco. I was so lucky to leave the awful, rainy DC weather to sunny, 80 degree California weather.

I was in San Francisco for work. My company's Annual Meeting will be in San Fran in September so I was there visiting about 20 hotels to see their VIP suites. I even saw the suite that Barack Obama stays in when he is in San Fran.

I didn't have a lot of time for fun (I did see the sea lions!) but here are some pictures from my trip...

 Bay Bridge

 Sea lions!!

 Pier 39 Marina

View from Barack Obama's Suite


Who watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy?? I have a lot of mixed emotions how I feel about the season finale, more importantly Christina's last episode. I don't know if I wanted Christina to get back with Burke or if I liked the fact that they both "moved on" but the episode wasn't as dramatic as I thought many reports insinuated it would be. I really can't describe my feelings about the last scene either because you know Christina isn't coming back so I wanted a little more interaction between Christina and Meredith.

Also, what is going on with Alex? Is he still going to be a main character in the show? He was barely in the finale.

Let me know your thoughts because I have very mixed feelings.


I never got into the Hunger Games craze. I blame it on my lack of imagination...if the story isn't realistic or couldn't happen in today's society, I typically don't watch it (no vampires, zombies, dragons, etc.). However the buzz around Catching Fire when it first came out was sooooooo overly annoying I had to see what it was all about. My boyfriend and I watched the first movie then went to the theaters to watch Catching Fire and we were hooked! I heard the books are better but I really have no ambition to read the first 2 books since I saw the movies. However I thought a 5 hour plane ride to San Fran was the perfect opportunity to read Mockingjay since I have been dying to know what happens to Peeta. I am on chapter 7 or 8...I can't remember but yes, I am hooked again! I can't wait for the movie to come out! 

Let me know your thoughts on Grey's and Mockingjay!! Also, if you have been to San Francisco, let me know some good places to check out on my next visit in July. 

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