Many of you asked on Twitter if I could share more Event/Meeting Planning information and tips. Event planning is truly one of my passions and I am so grateful to be able to have it as my career. I was assisting a wedding planner a few weeks ago at a DC wedding (pictures) and I questioned why she brought her own chargers to the wedding. Typically chargers are an item you pick out with a caterer. (pause) Before I go to into more detail, some of you may be wondering...what are chargers?

Chargers are the larger plate under your dinner plate that you do not eat from but is used for decoration. Yes, you use another plate to decorate your dinner table. It may sound weird to some of you which is why this post is so important to read before planning your next event.

             Koyal Charger Plates, Silver, Set of 24
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Whether it's a dinner party at your house, a corporate event or you own wedding, chargers really bring life to table decor. Yes, you will have centerpieces to help but you want the whole experience to be lavish and inviting. Which leads me back to the DC wedding...

As I was carrying cases and cases of gold chargers into the wedding venue, I'm wondering why did the wedding planner bring these? After asking her, her reply made perfect sense to me. The caterer did not have any good options and the ones they had were extremely overpriced ($10 per charger) so the client opted to not utilize them.

Wedding and Event planners are typically perfectionist. So as a fellow perfectionist I thought how boring the table would look without chargers. Which was her exact  point when she offered a stash of her own chargers to the clients to make their table decor that much better. When it comes to weddings, its all the small details that really count.

Next time you plan an event make sure you plan all aspects of the party decor and send me pictures!!

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