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Image from Couture Girl

One of the first blogs I found on BlogLovin' was Kayleigh Johnson from Couture Girl. You can just tell from her blog that she is someone you would instantly be best friends with. I was reading her About Me and she said after reading a bunch of blogs and said to herself "I can do that." That was literally my "aha" moment as well. I have been reading fashion, beauty, lifestyle blogs for years, finding new products, commenting on the posts about products I have and thought, "why not share my ideas?" That is how my blog is was created and similarly to Kayleigh. If you're thinking about starting a blog or want some tips on how to enhance your blog, check out her blogging tips. I found it extremely helpful and I even emailed Kayleigh with questions. She is so great and emails everyone back! P.S. THANKS KAYLEIGH!!

iPhone Issues
On a whim I decided I should update my phone with the new operating system {bad move}. Not only did my phone freeze and I had to call Apple 3 times to fix my phone, they had to reset my phone and I lost all my pictures, phone numbers, notes, EVERYTHING. Before you ask...no, I was stupid and did not back up my phone to the cloud. ugh...sigh... So now I'm trying to email my friends to get their numbers, track down my former apps and trying to remember all of my social media passwords. {total fail}

Image from GoPro

Since the GoPro's shocked everyone with their small phone, cool underwater casing and ability to attach a camera on a skateboard to record your dog skateboarding. I don't do adventurous sports, I don't ski or surf but I really want a GoPro. I'm justifying my GoPro purchase to help the quality of my blog pictures...that sounds logical right?? :)

Favorite YouTuber

Zoella has a blog and a Youtube channel. I absolutely love watching her channel. First off, I love her accent, she has the cutest outfits and her videos are so adorable. She gives beauty tips without only posting makeup tutorials. I love how she posts videos on her anxiety and panic attacks because I know I've had panic attacks in the past and they are awful. It's nice to see someone making videos about them to help others. 

Have you been doing this week? Send me a link to your weekly catch up post. 

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