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Ok, I have to admit I have a serious girl crush! I recently found Mackenzie Horan blog titled Design Darling and I love it! I love her apartment decor, cute dog Rory and her adorable boutique. If you love preppy clothes, navy blue, home decor and a young entrepreneur, you totally need to check out her blog. She is so inspiring. 


Image from ABC

Who else is excited that Scandal is back!! Even though I like watching the Olympics, I must admit I was happy when it ended and all my shows came back. Ok, we all can agree that the oversize coats and hand bags are not hiding the fact that Kerry Washington is pregnant but who cares, she looks amazing! 

110 Days

110 days until summer...but whose counting? I live on the East Coast and all the snow has to stop!! I am ready for flip flops, beach trips, country concerts, picnics, trips to the lake....I could go on for days. 

Favorite YouTuber

Many of you know I'm getting ready to launch my YouTube channel but in the meantime I follow a bunch of vloggers. Mainly beauty and fashion videos and a lot of them! I've been watching KellyLovesBeauty1 for a long time and I absolutely love her! She is super down to earth and does a lot of drugstore makeup...which we all know I LOVE! If you haven't watched any of her videos, you need to check them out. Be sure to stay tuned to my upcoming YouTube channel!!

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