Hopefully for those of you reading this, it's actually Spring where you live. Unfortunately I am not so lucky. There's snow on the ground, it's about 37 degrees and windy. Regardless of the weather I am in full Spring cleaning mode. I'm ready for flip flops, more colorful clothes (I wear a lot of black in Winter), and have a decluttered apartment!

1. Zone Cleaning
Break your house into zones as I did below. I would always get overwhelmed with the thought of spending all Saturday cleaning my apartment (my apartment is not that big!) but once I broke my apartment into zones, I would designate a certain day to cleaning a zone (less overwhelming).

Zone 1 (Monday) - Family room/Dining room
Zone 2 (Tuesday) - Bedroom
Zone 3 (Wednesday) - Kitchen
Zone 4 (Thursday) - Bathroom

2. Closet Remix

You probably read a lot of bloggers who have tried to stop their shopping addictions (what girl doesn't love to shop!) and mix up how they wear their clothes. While your cleaning out your closet, look at ways to pair different types. If you can't find a new way to wear items then donate them!

3. Natural Cleaning Products
I won't ramble about how awful most cleaning products are and how simple it is to make your own but you can find natural cleaning products at Target. You would be surprised how many ways you can use white vinegar. The harsh smell if cleaning products make me nauseous as it is, so natural products makes it easier to clean your house without gagging.

4. Pandora
I get extremely bored when I clean which is why blasting Pandora (usually Luke Bryan or Britney Spears) makes it more enjoyable. Dancing around, singing at the top of my lungs, just makes me happy!

5. Declutter
Every time I clean, I always find those items that I saved from the last cleaning session thinking that I need them but they are always in the same spot...untouched. I am a "less is more" person, I hate things, clutter, paper, etc but for whatever reason I have a hard time parting ways with items I own. If your wondering "why do I own this item? What will I do with it?" and you haven't used it in a year...get rid of it!

Let me know your Spring cleaning tips! Happy cleaning!

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