Isn't it easy to stay in shape when you’re in high school?  You have gym every day and stuck in class so snacking isn't as accessible and your body can somehow take in 2 Big Macs without causing an immediate bear like hibernation.  When I graduated high school, I was 6ft2, 240 lbs. and while that may seem heavy to some, I was a heavyweight wrestler who competed at the Junior Olympics & Nationals.  I was in damn good shape and then the world hit me!

From the age of 18 to 21 that svelte-ish athletic 240lbs turned to 280, the 36in waist went to 40, and the shirt size went up to a XXL.  Flash forward a couple more years and I was 300+ pounds.  Most scales only go up to 300 so when I would weigh myself I got pretty used to seeing the words “ERROR.”  The one time I got a big boy scale underneath my feet it read 306.  My waist was a 44 and when I would try on a XXL shirt I’m pretty sure I could hear the stitching of the fabric screaming for dear life as I tested its limits. That big brings out all kinds of negative feelings and lead to depression.  I hit a pretty low place and had no confidence.  Living everyday like that is a whirlwind that I wouldn't wish upon anyone.  Not only do you bring down yourself, you bring down others around you.

I woke up in June of 2013 with no control of any aspect of my life.  I had people telling me for years how to be healthy, make changes and get my smile back.  I had flirted with weight loss a couple times over the years but I always made it too complicated and doomed myself to fail.  I don’t know why but I randomly decided to make the life change and dedicated myself to it.

I rid myself of the first 50 pounds because I bought a Vitamix (a NutriBullet does just fine but there is nothing like a Vitamix) and for 45 days I did veggie/fruit smoothies for every meal.  The next 50 I lost from just making healthy decisions and being active.  Small changes and sticking to a plan is how you succeed.

Here are 3 simple tips that I learned over the past few months that have made a dramatic difference and help me continue my fitness, life, and health journey.

This is the EASIEST and MOST important step to healthy living and reaching your goals.  Not only does it help limit your caloric intake by abstaining from soda, beer, etc… but it keeps your body fueled the right way.  Switching to water frees up so many calories that you can enjoy on food!  Just because you’re being healthy doesn't mean you can’t eat, it just means you make smarter decisions. “But Jeff, diet soda has no calories…”  That is correct but we all know how bad ALL soda is for you.  Plus have you ever drank a soda and said, “Wow I feel incredible.”  The answer is NO and you know it!!!! Make it simple… Just switch to water.  I am not perfect at this either because I love coffee.  The first 45 days of my life change was ONLY veggie & fruit smoothies and water... no coffee.  After cutting out all the sweets my taste buds changed and I learned to LOVE black coffee and hate sugar infested beverages.  I do enjoy my Starbucks every morning, but these visits include an Iced Venti Coffee instead of that 470 calorie White Mocha.


I heard about Green for Life while listening to an interview with Michael C Hall (the actor who plays DEXTER.)  He said he got into the best shape of his life after reading this book and drinking green smoothies.  What triggered my interest is when he said he switched off the smoothies after reaching his goals and his system had changed so much that he continued to burn fat!  After most diets you gain a little weight back, NOT WITH THIS ONE!  My entire life I neglected fruits and veggies at a level that should have been illegal.  When I started adding them to all my meals it was incredible!  My body felt amazing.  I had energy that I didn't even know existed.  The greatest thing is that Michael C Hall was right, when I switched off the smoothies I continued to lose weight.  The benefits of juicing & green smoothies are endless.  Even if you don’t go crazy like I did and do it for every meal, try just switching one meal a day.  You will be amazed at the results.  Fun fact… Now that I've lost weight I get told I look like Dexter all the time.  It’s probably the greatest compliment I have ever received because I used to get Jonah Hill! Wasn't really excited about that one.

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Isn't it easier to stay motivated when you’re thinking clearly? Sugar, gluten, & wheat will not only hinder you from reaching your health goals but it will also affect your brain.  Everything I have learned is from experience.  I’ll read a book or article and say “that’s a good idea,” but I won’t believe it until I put it into practice.  Cutting Gluten infested foods not only kept me away from unhealthy choices but all the sudden my thoughts were clearer and I had better control of my ADD.  Staying focused allows you to remind yourself why you’re on a health and fitness journey.  My love of bagels is stronger than Taylor Swift's love for bad relationships so this was not an easy sacrifice!  Make simple rules for yourself and stick with them.  For me one of those rules was, if there is gluten in it I won’t eat it.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this and these 3 tips help motivate you to reach any goals you have.  I have a new project coming out late spring 2014 called about healthy living, being positive, and laughing every day.

Check out my Instagram: @jaiframsey to follow my fitness journey and my new quest to find my abs! Contact me if you have any questions and let me know if there is anything I can do to help you on your fitness journey.

Live Happy, Be Healthy, and Don’t Forget To Walk

Jeff Ramsey
Instagram: @jaiframsey


  1. Awesome job man! Thanks for the tips and insight!

  2. Great advice! I have had the privilege of watching Jeff make this incredible transformation, it has been amazing.