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As many of you, I was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy when it first came out. I think I watched 5 seasons before the story lines were a little unbelievable and silly. How many times and different ways can they almost kill Meredith? I also have this thing about original cast members leaving the show (I could go on a rant for hours about this and the different shows). So when George dies and Izzie and Addison (who I loved but I couldn't get into Private Practice) left the show I wasn't into it anymore. Even when they introduced new characters (Lexie and April - who annoyed me so much) I just couldn't relate to the show anymore.

I was recently at a work happy hour and we were talking about our favorite show and one of my co-workers said she still watches Grey's. I asked her if the show was still good and she wavered in her response. She said she has a love/hate relationship with Grey's and that she needed to finish the show she spent so much of her time watching over the years. I got to thinking about the shows I had a love/hate relationship with...

One Tree Hill was one of those shows. To this day, I will say that is one of my favorite shows that has been on TV but it definitely had some over the top seasons that were not realistic (scary Nanny Carrie). I started the show in high school and continued to watch it in college so I felt like I grew up with the characters (I know that sounds lame) so I felt a commitment to finish the show to the end. Which is exactly the feelings my co-worker had towards Grey's. 

So last week I was looking for a new show to watch on Netflix and figured, why not re-watch Grey's and actually finish the series. Season 1 is so good, I remembered why I loved this show so much. I'm still on Season 1 and we will see if I actually make it through all the dramatic seasons, annoying Lexie and an overload on McDreamy (which I actually love)!

Do you still watch Grey's Anatomy? Do you have any love/hate TV relationships?

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