If your a girl reading the title of this post, you probably cringed at the sight of "bikini". It's March, which means it's only a few more months until we are fully blown into pools, beaches, flip flops and yes, bikinis. I really wasn't thinking about swimwear until I was painting my nails "Bikini So Teeny" by Essie.

Image from Essie

After I painted my nails, I immediately went into shock of not being bikini ready. Instead of Googling the quickest way to lose weight or going out to find a quick fix, I talked to a person who has personally lost over 90 lbs. I am sooooooooooooo {yes, that many "o's" were necessary} excited to announce my very first guest blogger, Jeff Ramsey.  As I was talking to Jeff about his weight loss, I thought it would be a perfect series leading up to summer to have Jeff share his story with you! Jeff will provide his tips that helped him to lose weight and get healthy. His tips are also what I will be following to make sure I'm bikini ready for summer. I am really honored and excited he agreed to guest blog and I think you will love to see his before and after pictures and hear all about his journey. Jeff is also embarking on an exciting new adventure of his own to share his story with others, so stayed tuned and I will give everyone the details as they become available! Be sure to follow Jeff's instagram!

So if your ready to shed some weight for summer time be sure to come back for Jeff's amazing story and tips!

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