After last week's "weekly chitchat" about Grey's Anatomy, many of you have asked what new TV shows I watch so I thought I would dedicate this week's chitchat to my current TV favs.

You guys know I love this show from my last weekly catch up. I've been watching since day one and I can't get enough of Olivia Pope and Fitz!

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Ok, I know this is a high school show with mediocre acting and the same story line over and over but it had me hooked since day one. Over the seasons I've debated to stop watching the show but I just had to find out who A was (but didn't we all!). I'm not sure how much longer the show can continue but I'm sure I'll be watching it to the bitter end.

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I found this show originally on Netflix. I love family-type shows (i.e. Brothers and Sisters) so I thought I would give this one a shot. I wouldn't say every episode is amazing but overall it's a great show. You will laugh, cry, get angry and fall in love with all the characters. If you love Friday Night Lights like I do, you will see a bunch of FNL characters appear on Parenthood! {Check out this FNL/Parenthood Buzzfeed}.

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4. Dallas
Yes, the same (kinda) Dallas your parents used to watch a long time ago. It's not the same soap opera type show our parents grew up with. It has some HOT guys and enough Texas drama to hook you. If you think you won't be into the show, at least check it out to see Josh Henderson (Ahhhhh! So hot!).

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I will admit everyone and their dog told me to watch this show. I literally watched the first episode about 3 times and was so bored I had to turn it off. I started to get so annoyed with everyone talking about this show so one Saturday night I sat down to watch thing I know I finished season one. I was addicted. I finally got what everyone had been raving about!

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This is another show I've been watching since the beginning and it has certainly had its ups and downs. I heard they have new writers so hopefully the show will get back to how good it was in season one. I feel like I might be the only person who hates Aiden?? If your not a fan of Aiden, please leave a comment below so I know I'm not alone!

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Ok, I have always liked Rachel Bilson ever since her OC days and of course I'm a Jason Street (FNL reference) naturally I had to watch Hart of Dixie. It's a little cheesy but I love the it! It has a great cast and it's a nice refreshing, lighthearted show that is not high drama. I highly recommend this show. 

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Do you watch these shows? Let me know which ones you like best. 


  1. I am wondering your thoughts on some more geeky shows out there. Please review, as I would love to know your view point. Heroes reboot, Dr Who, Big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones, and Firefly (an old, but good show.)

    1. Ok, I will admit I do love Big Bang Theory....but I'm not caught up. I need to catch up on Netflix. I just cannot get into Game of Thrones and I've never heard of the other two haha. I'll check it out! Thanks Matt for the comment!!!! :)