Growing up I never suffered from acne. A few zits here and there but nothing to cry about. After I graduated from college, I noticed my face broke out more than usual. After trying drugstore products, I turned to the original Proactiv. After using Proactiv for a few weeks my skin was red, dry, breaking out and overall painful. I stopped using it and after a week or so my face wasn't getting any better. I went to my dermatologist and got prescription medication and luckily it worked!

Fast forward a few years later and again I noticed my face was breaking out. One day at the mall with my sister, I come across the Proactiv counter with their new Adam Levine - Proactiv Plus display. Yes, we have all heard those annoying commercials with the celebrities claiming how amazing it is...and well I caved AGAIN! I have only been using Proactiv Plus for a month but my skins is dramatically improved! My pores are smaller and my breakouts are gone in a few days. My only complaint is it doesn't seem to help with my old breakout-redness. I know they have the dark spot corrector which I will have to try eventually. I have my fingers crossed that this is my saving grace for clear skin!

This all leads me to Bare Minerals...

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