As you probably read in my previous post titled "On a Mission," you know that I've been striving for clear skin. While I was at my dermatologist to get prescription acne medication, my doctor asked what kind of makeup I use. I previously used a variety liquid foundation, bb creams, powder foundations, etc. She mentioned that those products could be clogging my pores and I suggested I try Bare Minerals.

Just as I talked about the annoying Proactiv commercials, I equally think the Bare Minerals infomercials are annoying. My Doctor mentioned that Bare Minerals is supposedly better for your skin, will not clog your pores and claims it improves your skin. I have always been a skeptic of Bare Minerals, there is no reason why, I think the commercials just threw me off.

A few days after the doctors, I went to Ulta to check out Bare Minerals and get color matched for their foundation. I didn't really read a lot about their products prior to going to Ulta but I knew it would be better to see it in person vs. ordering it online - I also have a instant gratification problem! The makeup consultant at Ulta was showing me all the options and color matching the matte loose foundation (side note: I have combination/oily skin and I hate dewy, oily looking skin). As the makeup consultant was picking out foundation colors she asked if I wanted to explore the Tarte Airbrushed Foundation which she was a big fan of. I have heard a lot of great things about Tarte but I do not personally own anything from them. I told her that since my dermatologist suggested Bare Minerals, I wanted to stick with that but I could tell she was not a Bare Minerals fan.

I decided to get the Get Started Kit and fell in love with all the products. After using the products for about 4 months I tried to turn everyone I knew onto Bare Minerals! The first person I convinced was my mom, I thought the best way to get her into the products was to take her to a Bare Minerals boutique for a makeover. A few things I learned during my makeover was I was previously colored matched with the wrong color at Ulta, I'll stick with the Urban Decay eye shadow palettes I love simply for the better color payoff than Bare Minerals and loose bronzer and blush aren't my thing. My mom also fell in love with Bare Minerals and we went a little crazy in the store!!

1. Tinted Prime Time Primer ($23 - information not listed on BM website)
The new tinted/bb cream-like primer was just released to the store the weekend we were there and of course I had to try it! I got the tinted primer in medium. They currently only have 2 colors, light and medium, hopefully they will come out with a better color variety. As a color reference, I was color matched at Ulta as light and medium beige at Bare Minerals so you can tell I am not extremely tan so the medium color may not work for anyone who has darker skin. It gives you enough coverage to blur redness and imperfections and keeps your makeup on all day. I do not see any extreme mattifying  properties but it does not make my skin oily. I would compare this to the original prime time primer. If you are interested in their primers, I would recommend checking this one out.

2. Stroke of Light ($22)
I personally like a really light under eye. I do not have particularly dark under eye circles but I definitely need something to conceal and brighten my under eyes. In my first purchase of Bare Minerals I bought the Well Rested powder concealer and it quickly became a holy grail item for me so the stroke of light had a lot to live up too. I think this product is amazing for brightening but it does not conceal my dark circles. As of right now I do not believe I would repurchase this product but I'll use it while I have it!

3. Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush ($20)
This brush came in my get started kit and it's amazing for powder concealer. I use this with my Well Rested concealer to cover blemishes and any redness on my face. It is true to its name, it gives great coverage so I had to buy another one. I will always repurchase this brush.

4. Precision Face Brush ($28)
Since I decided to try the Ready foundation, I bought this brush as it was made for the Ready foundation. The brush is super soft and gives great coverage with the foundation - a medium to full coverage. Since I already have the Sigma F80 brush, I do not think it was necessary to get this brush but the angled brush is nice to apply with the Ready foundation.

5. Ready Foundation ($29)
For those of you who want to try Bare Minerals foundation and worried about the loose foundation being messy (it's not messy at all), you should try the Ready foundation. This foundation is a pressed powder and is labeled as a 12 hour wearing, hydrating foundation. I would say the a con of this foundation is that it only comes in 12 shades which can be very difficult for many people to find their right shade. This foundation is quick and easy to apply for a day to day foundation. I watched Love Shelby's YouTube video and she used a Real Techniques Powder brush. I love the Real Technique brush with this foundation as it gives a light to medium coverage. For a daily basis I like a lighter coverage and this brush is perfect for it.

6. The High Dive Bronzer ($24)
This bronzer is also from the Ready collection which means it's a pressed powered. The description says it is a golden bronze color, I personally think it has a hint of red to look like a sunburn glow. On my skin tone I feel like this is an OK bronzer but I cannot use it for contouring as the color doesn't look like a shadow. I honestly have not used the bronzer a lot since I purchased it.

7. The Confession Blush ($22)
This is a mauve blush color from the Ready collection. I've tired their loose blushes and was not a fan so I was really excited to try one from the Ready collection. I typically like bright pink blushes or bronze colored blushes. The Bare Minerals makeup consultant suggested I try this one as she thought it would compliment my complexion and I love it. I think the Ready blushes are worth trying.

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