I was never a coffee drinker. I usually had hot green tea in the morning and occasionally a diet coke in the afternoon. At my current job we have free soda refrigerator which was dangerous for me. I noticed that I was drinking some type of soda everyday for lunch and sometimes another soda at dinner. I started to feel bloated and unhealthy for drinking all that soda.

I decided to start decreasing the amount of soda I drank a day/a week. It happened to be one of those weeks that I had meeting all day, everyday. I brought my Tervis Tumbler  to work and kept filling it up with water. By Wednesday, I realized I was only drinking water for the past 2 days and no caffeine. It has been almost a month since I have had caffeine and it was actually pretty easy! I experienced bad headaches for the first 2 weeks. Around 2:00 p.m. everyday, I would get tired and want some caffeine. When I started to crash I would drink a Sprite to trick my brain in thinking it had caffeine. Some days it would work, some days it would result in a headache. I realized I was going down the direction of no caffeine vs no soda.

I think this is a small step in my ultimate goal of not drinking soda. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Please let me know if you are caffeine free or don't drink soda. I would love to hear your tips and tricks to avoid cravings!

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  1. What really worked for me was putting a little Mio in my water. They have so many flavors available! Also, if I drink out of a straw, I will definitely drink more water throughout the day!