Ok Brittany, let's not be dramatic, I didn't get rid of everything but I got rid of 90% of my makeup. Why? Well I simply just don't wear as much lately. Over the last few years I just haven't been been into wearing eyeshadow anymore. I'm not sure what changed but it could be the fact, I just don't love sitting in front of the mirror experimenting as much with makeup as I did before.  

Keep in mind, makeup does go bad so all the eyeshadows I got from Mac years ago needed to go to begin with. I also decided to get rid of almost all of my foundations except my IT Cosmetics CC Cream and my Bare Minerals Matte / Bare Minerals Ready Foundations (I actually don't think they even make the "Ready" line anymore!).

These days I like to keep my makeup really simple:

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 
(mainly for under eyes but will use for spots if needed)
*not pictured because I ran out (sigh...)

To see it all in action check out my latest video! Come hangout with me for the day for a little makeup get ready with me and snow day vlog! :) 

Until the next time...

New year, new you? Well in my case, new year, old me! While a lot has changed in my life (moved into our new home waaaay out in the 'burbs and had our baby boy) but I'm still the same Brittany. In fact, I have become more like the old Brittany you might have known in high school or college. A #YOLO, carefree, no filter kinda Brittany. 

This year I have made the decision to let go of any fears or insecurities I've had in the past and just go for it. It wasn't that long ago when I was at my 9-5 doing whatever it would take to "make it" and work for myself. I didn't care what people thought; I had one goal, one mission and nothing was going to stop me. It wasn't until I "made it" and started second guessing everything. Well, farewell to that Brittany, she is gone. 

2019 is the year of doing, the year of living, the year of not giving an F. lol. So what does that mean exactly?

  • blog more. I will make no promises, no plans, no schedule. I love to write...correction: I love to write how I talk IRL. Do I proof read every post? No, but that's OK with me. I love to share content and I love to connect with you guys through blogging.

  • just start that damn YouTube channel. Guys, I have literally wanted to start a YT channel since 2008. That's a loooonnngggg ass time to not start something you've been wanting to do. And why? Honestly, because I was scared. I was scared to be judged, I was scared of people writing mean comments, I wanted to lose more weight....whatever. I could give 100 excuses but I don't care about any of that anymore...so here we go! Make sure to subscribe and I'll love ya forever!

  • say "whatever" to the mommy shamers. One of the reasons I didn't want to share anything about Banks was because moms can be soooooo dammmnnn judgey! You'll hear everyone say it but I never really understood until I had a baby but ALL BABIES ARE DIFFERENT. What works for me may or may not work for you but I would have never made it through these months without my posse of moms (aka all my friends and family). The advice and suggestions (when asked) have been a life saver. So yes, I will share baby/mommy content but only to hope to help another fellow mom out there too, clearly not because I know it all because I def don't!

  • take risks on instagram. That kinda sounds weird saying out loud but most people just play it safe. They think about what the audience wants to see, what will get the most likes or comments and post that. I am totally guilty of that. But this year I've decided to try new things (aka more selfies because...well why the hell not?!). I want to share more of my real life not images that look nice or fit with my theme. I am literally laughing out loud just typing that because I can't believe I ever did that before LOL! 
Basically at the end of this year, I want to look back and say "wow, I did everything I wanted to do. I tried everything I was too scared to before. I stepped outside my comfort zone and maybe it worked maybe it didn't but at least I tried. This year I was not scared to fail. I was not scared to look dumb. I just did what I wanted to do!"

So whose with me?! Let's take more risks and pave our way in 2019!

Until the next time...
coffee, computer, planner photo

Raise your hand if you have perfectionism problems?! I assume if you're reading this, you might have this annoying little problem like me. To be honest, I'm not even sure when I became a perfectionist. I think (well, I know) I've alway had some OCD / "everything has to be the way I like it" type personality since I was a kid. Which really helped when I started my career in event planning, being a perfectionist is basically the #1 criteria to getting hired. Attention to detail, making sure everything is perfect is 90% of the job so it fit my personality to a T. 

I can easily say that the 6 years I spent at my last 9-5 job was the catalyst for my extreme perfectionism. I had the most amazing boss and learned everything I know about event planning from her so I wanted to give everything I had to make sure I was doing the best job I could which lead me to believe "nothing is ever done, nothing is ever perfect." If you ask me how my house is looking or how my website is or how my business is going, I will always say its a work in progress. Nothing is ever finished; nothing ever feels finished. I constantly think that it can be better, I have a very hard time being content with how things are. It also doesn't help that I like to change things around all the time. I love to innovate everything, my home decor (which drives T crazy), my hair, my blog design...everything! 

With all of that being said, perfectionism isn't fun. It's great as a wedding / event planner but not great in many other aspects of my life. I have wanted to start a YouTube channel F O R  Y E A R S. Literally Y E A R S. But I never had the right camera, I never had the right lighting, I don't have the best clothes, I'm not a professional makeup artist...I could list 100 other reasons why I never started it. This bleeds over to my Instagram, blog, etc. and its really hurt and delayed my career and my business. 

So why can I not get over it?...I ask myself this A L L  T H E  T I M E! I will film vlogs but never post them, I will write countless blog posts and never post because I don't have great / professional photos. I know this sounds completely ridiculous but its something I struggle with all the time. 

Since having Banks I will say that my perfectionism has drastically been better. You really can't stress and perfect everything with a newborn but the struggle is real when it comes to my business. I would love to hear from you if you also struggle with perfectionism and how you deal / how you overcame it.  

It's no secret I am obsessed with essential oils if you follow my insta stories. I have been loving spraying a new mixture on my bed each morning while I make the bed. It keeps the bed feeling and smelling fresh every night when we go to sleep.

+ 1 glass spray bottle (when using essential oils, its important to use a glass bottle for all your mixtures)
+ 3/4 distilled water
+ 1/4 witch hazel or vodka (antibacterial properties)
+ 20 drops of lavender oil (you can add more or less oil depending on the size of your spray bottle)

I hope you enjoy this linen spray as much as we do!! 

If you're able to with your job, it's so refreshing to be able to wake up naturally. When I worked a 9-5 (cringe), I woke up to my alarm and I was notorious for hitting the snooze button 100x. Something I've really enjoyed since working from home is opening the blinds a little a night so the sunshine comes through in the morning and wakes you up naturally. I feel like waking up with an alarm is so abrasive and I am fortunate that most days I don't have to worry about what time I wake up but I love to wake up early if possible. 

After I wake up and cuddle my pups for a second, I try to get up and stretch. Since I've been pregnant, this is even more important. Stretch for as long as you can but if you only have 1-2 minutes, get it in! It's worth it!

I am definitely a "shower in the morning" kinda gal. I feel like I am more productive if I shower in the morning because I feel more awake. The one change I've made (thanks to Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential) is to turn the water on cold for as long as you can take it and tab your skin to really wake yourself up and it will help with blood circulation - BONUS! 

Most everyone knows warm lemon water is really good to detox your body and helps with your liver so if you implement one thing from this post, I would definitely recommend this one! Go ahead and Google all the benefits and you will want to try this tomorrow morning!

This is a no-brainer for me since we have 2 dogs but fresh air and sunshine feeds my soul. I instantly feel better when I'm outside so taking the dogs for a walk in the morning really sets the tone for my day. Unfortunately being pregnant this has been a little harder for me since its been SO HOT in VA but I try to take a walk at least once a day. 

I feel like everyone starts out saying this but I honestly cannot believe I am writing a pregnancy post. It is very surreal and incredibly exciting to finally share the news with everyone. Since I started writing this post, we found out we are having a baby boy and we couldn't be more excited!

Let me start off by saying, I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I have a few friends who have children and while we were trying to get pregnant I watched a lot of "how I knew I was pregnant" type YouTube videos so I could join the many women who symptom spot and drive themselves crazy wondering if they are pregnant. Of course if you're reading this post, you're likely pregnant or trying to get pregnant so you will know that everyone has different symptoms. I honestly probably didn't even believe that until I actually was pregnant and realized I had very different signs and symptoms from what I read/watched/heard.

Wait, I'm what??

I will have to do another post sharing our pregnancy journey but after a few months of trying on and off, we were totally surprised we got pregnant when we did. No signs, no symptoms, absolutely no evidence I was pregnant until I was a day late...but more for another time!

The Symptoms 

The exhaustion...holy moly was I exhausted. It was hard to tell in the beginning because we just got home from a wedding in Key West and we barely slept the whole trip so by the time we got home, I was already tired. At the time, I didn't realize that it was because I was pregnant! I literally couldn't make it through an entire day without napping, I felt like a zombie most of the time. I am so lucky to work from home so I was able to take frequent naps during the day and go to sleep by 8:30 pm but whoa, I was not prepared for the insane tiredness. I will admit, to this day (25 weeks pregnant) I still get tired throughout the day. Some days, I wake up and I'm good until 10:00 pm, others, well not so much! The guest room has been my nap spot as I quickly realized that sleeping on a couch is not comfortable for your back.

The crying...ohhhh man the crying! I could probably count on two hands how many times I actually cried in my life. Needless to say, it wasn't a lot but the second I got pregnant...BOOM cue the waterworks! I'm not going to lie, there is probably a time, at least once a day I am crying over a TV show or some crazy emotion. It's very odd for me and something I actually really hated in the beginning (I've since embraced all the crazy emotions). I would be eating dinner and just burst into tears, usually with a homesick-like feeling. I didn't realize how crazy my emotions would be and the hormones really took a toll on me as someone who hates / never cries!

The on and off skin problems. I remember around 9 weeks, I'm wondering where is this glow everyone talks about? One of the reasons I didn't think I was pregnant is because my skin was breaking out like it normal does before I get my period. My breakouts and redness lasted until 13-14 weeks. My skin is finally clear but still breakouts occasionally. I'm still not sure when that whole glow thing kicks in?

The dreaded waiting game. Todd and I were just talking yesterday about how l-o-n-g it felt until we were able to go to our 8 week appointment. I think we had to wait 4-5 weeks until the appointment to confirm we were pregnant and it was the longest month of our lives. You overanalyze everything and your mind is literally on overload thinking of all the exciting things but also all the worst case scenarios. You feel alone in a sense because you're too nervous to share the news with anyone and the only thing you can do is wait.

The sickness. I feel very lucky that I was not one of those people with morning sickness. I did get a little nauseous in the car which is unusual for me but overall I didn't throw up or constantly feel sick. However, I did get headaches...oh the headaches. I am headache prone to begin with so I expected a few headaches from not drinking caffeine but I was not prepared for the daily headaches and not having any medicine to take for them. Unfortuanley, headaches are a common pregnancy symptom and my doctor recommended regular Tylenol which didn't help much. I would lay around with an ice pack on my head most of the day feeling miserable. Luckily once I hit 20 weeks the headaches started going away and I've only had a few since. Since almost none of my friends suffered from them, I had to Google / Pinterest every "pregnancy headache" hack I could find. There's not much out there but ice packs and peppermint essential oils on the temples but I did find going to the chiropractor was really beneficial.

What's interesting is the more people I talked too, the more I realized how different everyone's pregnancy is. Many of the things I experienced, my friends did not so I resorted to Googling everything I could on what I was feeling. I hope if you are pregnant, that this post helps you if we had similar symptoms!